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About Us

Our mission is to make your Society life better than ever by
providing very simple way to handle everything at one place.

Why Society Foster?

Society Foster provides very simple and clear way to handle daily life of society online and makes you free from many things.

If you are making notes for bills paid to the Society and confused how many are remaining? Not to worry from today, we are here to make sure you have all the tracks of everything that you have paid to the Society.

  • Maintenance details till now to lifetime.
  • Daily gym schedule and weekly movie details in central theater of society.
  • Notification of every event happening in society, either marriage or birthday celebration, either festival pooja or Satya Narayan Katha, either food fest or upcoming singer in Navratri.

Everything is one step ahead. You just need to sign up with us and you're ready to use all the features provided by us. If you are a chairman of the society, you must try the Society Foster and let your society member know you're smart and using online services with latest features. Surprise them by simple way to communication in Society.

Product Featuress


We are managing society maintenance at one place for all the members and tracking of all the previous payment.


Events are the most important part of society. We are here to manage all your events at one place in a simple way.


We are here to manage all the visitors of the society online and get rid of your manual entry in notebooks. We advice to avoid notebook to save Environment.


We are here to manage your cash and bank balance for all kind of facilities, like donation, goods bills, society festival collection and many more.

Wanna arrange events?

It will be too easy to arrange, handle and invite your neighbours to the event as never before.

We have made the process very simple to understand and easy to operate. We will take care of any conflict in your event as there are many other members arranging events into the society.

You need to just select the society members to whom you are going to invite, and will take care of notification of each of the member. We will remind all members each time they access Society Foster and let them know to be present into an awesome event around them.

Worry about society balance?

We will take care of all the transactions of your society and make them private. We know the privacy of your data.

We will notify you about any maintenance call for the year, month or one time. Also, pending amount to be paid to society for any emergency fund, we promise to remind you.

We will take care of the mode of transaction paid or received from/to the society. You can track all the transaction and get current balance at Society Foster.

We will take care of all the data of previous years - Relax!

We will provide you the details of all the previous years and make sure you will get all of them.

You will get charts for all the transcations of the years till now. You can scan and make decision accordingly for next year.

Charts are the simple way to show the summary of payments done in current and previous years. We are providing many charts to summarize many things at one place. Which will help you to understand all the transactions of the year.

Call To Action

The new world of Society Foster is just a click away. It will be great opportunity for us to give you the new feeling to handle all your society things in a different and simple way.

More Features

Society Foster is more than you think that you can do with it. We are always thinking one step ahead of you.


We will notify you each tiny or big occasion arranged into your society and your presence will give a Smile to your society. You won't miss any of the occasion.


We are providing very efficient way to handle parking arrangement into your society. You will get all the details of your parking allocation into your account.


We are providing a quick way to show the timing of Gym of your society and make sure you will get all the equipment details into it.

And many more

We are providing many more features into Society Foster. Join us today and explore the world of Society Foster. We are here to hear your query.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask anything to us regarding Society Foster, we will make sure you will get your solution

Society Foster

Let's make your society life more smoother than your thoughts. Enjoy your life without worrying anything happening around you. We are here to notify you for all of them.


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